A man´s love for his car can go way beyond its material value, even as far as forming an emotional bond with it, which is demonstrated by spending a considerable amount of time looking after and cleaning it, ensuring that it is as shiny as possible.

It could even be said that the car´s appearance speaks volumes about its owner.

Look after every last detail to the max

As the name suggests, Car Detailing involves maintaining the car, looking after every little ´´detail´´, so that, once the entire detailing process has finished, both the interior and exterior of the car look brand new, or even better.

It is extremely important for this to be carried out correctly, always following the procedures and using the techniques as well as the appropriate tools for this activity.

Those who know very little about it may think that it involves simply cleaning the car. Nevertheless, as time goes by, car owners amass a wealth of knowledge about detailing, which is more complicated and requires preparation, dedication and time.

Detailing is not purely aesthetic and visual; the satisfaction gained by having a clean, shiny car can increase its economic value and the durability of the paintwork if the right products are used.

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What is Car Detailing?

It could be said that Car Detailing came about as a kind of cult activity linked to cars, where the owners competed to show off their cars in their best possible condition and in such a way that people would be impressed by how great they looked.

Car Detailing first became popular in the United States and has now expanded all over the world. In the early days, detailing involved renovating classic cars but, as time went by, new models started being worked on.

In the initial stages of this movement, cars used for exhibitions held at fairs were detailed, however, with the passing of time, the activity gained popularity among car owners who saw this movement as more of a hobby.

Nowadays, there are even businesses specialising in Car Detailing.


To detail a car, essential steps must be followed in order to make the cleaning process more efficient. You must take into account that both the exterior and interior have their own procedures to be followed and suitable products and tools that must be used in order to obtain a satisfactory result.

It is necessary to be aware of and know how to apply the right techniques to avoid the risk of damaging the painting or the interior in order to obtain a detail worthy of a professional. Using the wrong methods may have the complete opposite effect, making your car look too patchy.

While there are different procedures for detailing a car, these are the most important ones according to experts for a professional finish:

  • Wash the bodywork.
  • Decontaminate the bodywork.
  • Apply the wax.
  • Polish the car.

By following these steps correctly, your car will stand out more and be worthy of a place in any showroom.


As we have said, effective detailing requires the right products to ensure a proper cleaning job. This is where Maddox Detail´s products come in. They are renowned for their quality and high performance when it comes to cleaning dirt and keeping cars in perfect condition.

Maddox Detail has a wide range of products designed for pampering your vehicle, even becoming one of the leading Car Detailing brands in Spain and globally, being a best-seller Amazon.

Using Maddox Detail products ensure the car´s well-being as they are not formulated with corrosive materials that can lead to degradation or erosion of the bodywork.

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