Cleaner of crashed insects on the front, windshield and bumpers.

    Net Content 500 ml

    INSECT REMOVER dissolves and removes stray insects on glass, plastics and sheet metal. Its formula, with emollients and surfactants, removes even dried insects quickly and without rubbing. It is non-marking, provides a glossy finish and is biodegradable. Application: INSECT REMOVER can be used on front ends, windshields, bumpers, rear view mirrors, etc.
    • Dissolves and removes stellate insects.
    • No need to rub.
    • Does not leave marks.
    • Leaves a glossy finish.
    It is important that the bodywork does not have a high temperature at the moment of applying INSECT REMOVER. For drying we recommend the use of microfiber microfibre FINISH MICROFIBER.  
  • Wheel rim degreaser cleaner.

    Net Content 500 ml

    WHEEL BRIGHTENER is a specific product for wheel care that cleans, degreases and polishes in the same action. Thanks to its advanced formula, it easily removes dirt produced by brake pads, road grime, oil and grease. Leaves a glossy, non-greasy film that protects the rims. Application: WHEEL BRIGHTENER has an exclusive formula for lacquered, chrome and aluminum wheels. It applies easily and leaves a glossy, non-greasy finish. Important: with painted, anodized or unprotected rims, test before spraying the rim.
    • Cleans dirt from tires.
    • Degrease the surface.
    • Leaves a shiny, non-greasy finish.
    For a complete treatment of the wheels, we recommend applying WHEEL BRIGHTENER to the rims, drying them with the microfiber FINISH MICROFIBER and the polish TIRE DETAILER on the tires with the HANDPUCK BLACK HANDPUCK BLACK .


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