• One-step polish: removes surface marks, polishes and protects the car's paint.

    Net Content 500 ml

    MEDIUM CUT ALLROUND POLISH is a high quality polish that polishes, shines and protects the car's paint in one step. Thanks to its formula with abrasive powder based on aluminum oxide, it easily and effectively removes surface marks on the paintwork, such as surface marks caused by washing the car. In paintwork with heavy wear due to the passage of time, it removes the damaged surface layer, so that the surface recovers its original tone. In addition, the paint is protected, since the product contains natural Carnauba wax and synthetic wax. These waxes create a layer on the surface that protects the paint against aggressive atmospheric agents and provides a long-lasting glossy finish.
    • High quality polish.
    • Polishes, shines and protects.
    • Indicated for: removing superficial wash marks and waxing the bodywork.
    • Restorative power: 3 (min. 0 | max. 6).
    • Brightness level: 4.5 (min. 0 | max. 6).
    • Protection level: 4 (min. 0 | max. 6)
    • Removes scratches based on aluminum oxide.
    • Leaves an intense shine for months.
    ALLROUND POLISH is an ideal product for the preparation of the bodywork prior to the application of a ceramic treatment like CERAMIC PROTECTION o HYDRO CERAMIC . For an optimal result, we recommend the application of ALLROUND POLISH with the manual foam disc. HANDPUCK WHITE and for a proper removal of the product from the car body, the super absorbent microfiber PREMIUM MICROFIBER . Before applying SWIRL REMOVER polish, we recommend that the surface to be treated be previously cleaned to avoid creating micro-scratches and to achieve an excellent finish. For the cleaning of the bodywork we recommend the waterless cleaner WATERLESS WASH & WAX or the shampoo WASH & WAX .


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