GLASS CLEANER (Box x6 units)


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Triple action glass cleaner.

Net Content 500 ml

GLASS CLEANER Contains dispersing agents and emollients that act in depth quickly removing dirt and adhered grease, even stains caused by tobacco smoke. Acts on any type of glass. Rapid evaporation leaves no veils or marks. Its pleasant aroma perfumes and refreshes ambient.

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  • Triple action: cleans, degreases and polishes in the same operation.
  • Contains dispersing agents and emollients.
  • Acts in depth by removing dirt and adhered grease.
  • Rapid evaporation leaves no veils or marks.
  • When applied from inside the vehicle, its pleasant aroma perfumes and refreshes.


Lumiglas GX glass cleaner.
Box of 6 units (6x 500ml)