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Waterless cleaner for motorcycles.

Net Content 500 ml

is a triple action product: it cleans, polishes and protects the bodywork of the motorcycle. Thanks to its natural Carnauba wax content, it creates a layer that protects the paint against atmospheric agents such as saltpeter or sun rays, and also against the impact of mosquitoes and bird droppings. In addition, it leaves a glossy finish and highlights the color of the paint.

Application: MOTORCYCLE DETAIL is specially formulated for cleaning and polishing plastics and fairings. The use of water is not required. It can be applied on lightly soiled surfaces.

  • Waterless cleaner for motorcycles.
  • Polishes plastics and fairings.
  • With natural Carnauba wax.
  • Creates a layer that protects the paint against atmospheric agents.
  • Highlight the color of your motorcycle’s paint.

It is important that the bodywork does not have a high temperature at the moment of applying MOTORCYCLE DETAIL.

For greater and more effective protection, we recommend repeating the treatment once a week.

For an exceptional finish, we recommend the use of premium microfiber microfiber.

for the care of your helmet.

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Technological wax for motorcycle fairings(500ml)

Join the DETAILING. Give your bike the care it deserves.

At Maddox Detail we believe in detailing: it’s not just about cleaning your bike, it’s about taking care of it and protecting it. That is why it is important not to neglect any part of your vehicle, and always use the specific and appropriate products for each area or material.

Want to give your bike a shiny look in a simple way? MOTORCYCLE DETAIL, with natural Carnauba wax , provides a high gloss finish without the use of water and enhances the color of the paint. In addition, if your bike is not too dirty, you can apply the product directly without the need to wash it beforehand.

Your bike will have a renewed and shiny look.

What are you waiting for? Give your bike the care it needs. Join the detailing.

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