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Tires, plastics and rubber

Polisher for tires, rubber and outdoor plastics.

Net Content 500 ml

is a specific polish for tires, rubber and plastics on the exterior of the vehicle. It leaves a shiny finish and moisturizes the surface, so the treated areas will have a renewed appearance. In addition, the product offers protection against drying and atmospheric agents. It is biodegradable.

Application: TIRE DETAILER can be applied to tires, rubber mats, plastic panels, bumpers, side guards or any plastic or rubber on the exterior of the vehicle.

  • Specific polish for tires, rubber and exterior plastics.
  • Moisturizes the treated area.
  • Protects against drying and inclement weather.
  • Leaves a shiny, non-greasy finish.

For a complete treatment of the wheels, we recommend the application of the cleaner
on the rims, drying them with the microfiber
and the TIRE DETAILER polish on the tires with the foam disk

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Polisher for tires, plastics and outdoor rubbers

Join the DETAILING. Give your car or motorcycle the care it deserves.

At Maddox Detail we believe in detailing: it’s not just about cleaning your car, it’s about taking care of it and protecting it. That is why it is important to use a specific product for each area or material of your car, not only in the interior, but also in the exterior of the vehicle.

Do you want to give your wheels a complete treatment? We offer you the perfect combination: Wheel Brightener and Tire Detailer. Wheel Brightener is a special product for cleaning wheels. Easily removes dirt from brake pads, road grime, oil and grease. In addition, it leaves a glossy finish. Tire Detailer is a tire polish that moisturizes and protects the treated areas.

How to use them?

  1. Pre-wash the wheel with water to remove dirt.
  2. Spray the product
    Wheel Brightener
    directly on the rim and let it act for a few seconds (no more than one minute).
  3. Rinse the rim with pressurized water and dry it with the Finish Microfiber cloth.
  4. Spray the Tire Detailer product on the Handpuck Black sponge and apply it on the tire.

Important: use when the surface is not hot. The use of gloves is recommended.

Your rims and tires will have a renewed look, the surfaces will be protected against atmospheric agents and will also have a shiny finish.

What are you waiting for? Take care and protect your car or motorcycle. Join the

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