What is Snow Foam?

Car detailing professionals incorporate the foam wash in the prewash of cars to remove the most encrusted dirt without affecting the paint.

Snow Foam is the appropriate application of this product to avoid swirl marks during contact washing and guarantees a longer waxing time.

Uses of snow foam

In all types of vehicles and models, the foaming prewash can be applied to remove the thickest and stickiest dirt and make the most of the washing and detailing with efficiency. To be effective, it must be applied to all external components of the car.

It is used as a prewash in detailing workshops to remove the most extreme substances.

  • Grease.
  • Bird droppings.
  • Carbon from the exhaust pipes.
  • Pollen.
  • Mud.

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If the manual wash is complete and adequate, the prewash is not necessary. However, if the grime is encrusted after a trip to the mountains, it is recommended to do the foam prewash after cleaning the tires.

Some of the benefits of using the foam in the prewash of the vehicle are the following:

  • It guarantees the most thorough cleaning of each of its external components.
  • It takes care of the coating and paint.
  • Longer duration of corrections made with professional detailing.

Steps to apply Snow Foam

First, it is important to choose the right shampoo to produce the snow foam. This must be diluted in water with a neutral pH to avoid deterioration of the paint. It must be formulated for all types of surfaces, glass, chrome, aluminum, PPF, rubber, etc.

These are the instructions for prewashing with the foam.

  1. Dilute 200 ml of Maddox Detail shampoo in 800 ml of water in the foam launcher, spray gun or atomizer.
  2. Spray an even layer of foam over the car.
  3. Wait for the foam to settle for a few minutes, without drying out.
  4. Wash with clean water pressure.
  5. Start contact washing.


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It is important to read the instructions of the shampoo. Remember that each one has different components and application times vary, especially if sealants, waxes, or coatings have been applied in recent days.

Foam application accessories

  • Foam gun. It has 2 regulators, one to dilute the product and the other to control the propulsion of the foam. It is recommended to start with small amounts of shampoo.
  • Foaming atomizer. It is a pressure sprayer with a nozzle. It is recommended to use it with hot water to reinforce the effect of the foam. It allows greater water savings than other devices.
  • Foaming gun. It works with an air compressor and the soap volume regulator.

Although the prewash with snow foam can be done at home, it is preferable to take the car to specialized workshops. This is done with the idea of avoiding leaving unpleasant stains and marks on the paint, especially if the vehicle has received waxing and detailing paint treatments. The investment is higher, but the car is worth it.

Maddox Detail experts know how to clean the car with professional products and implements to take care of detailing treatments without leaving marks or stains.


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