We are passionate about offering an authentic authentic experience to motoring enthusiasts
through the careful care of every every part of their cars and motorcycles.
their cars and motorcycles.


MADDOX DETAIL is the expert brand in cleaning and care products for the Detail sector.
Our products are the result of years of experimentation with exclusive high quality formulas, specific for each surface, material, and finish of the car and motorcycle.

We work to build a valued and shared brand, recognized for the quality of its components, the innovation of its new products and its proximity to our customers in the Spanish and European markets.

We continue to expand our line of products oriented to every aspect of interior, exterior and engine care for automobiles and motorcycles. We work to offer an authentic experience to motor enthusiasts. At Maddox Detail we share with our customers the passion for the care of cars and motorcycles, the passion for the detailing.


Mr. Pelaez – a true enthusiast of the motor world, its aesthetics and care – was able to formulate products with better results and finishes in car detailing for his customers and friends.

Eventually, his family, with the same dedication to automotive and motorcycle care, created Maddox Detail with the intention of sharing those results through a line of exceptional products.

With the experience of the years, Mr. Pelaez has developed exclusive, high quality dosage formulas, specific for each surface, material and finish of the car and motorcycle.

Today its legacy is manufactured and marketed in Spain in an exclusive product offering.


What does detailing consist of? Detailing is a process that consists of cleaning, rejuvenating and protecting a vehicle, always taking care of the details and leaving a high quality finish.

In detailing, special attention must be paid to the techniques, processes and products used. When we use poor quality or generic products, we degrade the condition of our vehicle in the long run. That’s why Maddox Detail offers you a complete range of high quality products that are respectful of your vehicle and are specific for each area or material.

At Maddox Detail we believe in detailing: it’s not just about cleaning your car, it’s about taking care of it and protecting it. That is why it is important not to neglect any part of your vehicle and to use the right product for every need, to always guarantee optimal results of superior quality.

Why is it important to detail your car?

You will be able to give your vehicle a renewed look.
You will have the feeling of a brand new car, over and over again.
You will better protect, conserve and preserve your vehicle and its materials.

Don’t think twice. Join the detailing with Maddox Detail.


We work with honesty and respect

Our work philosophy is to offer a superior quality product to consumers in the Detail sector.Respect for the passion of our customers guides us every day in our work.

We strive for excellence in finishing

The quality of our products lies in the careful selection of raw materials, in the formulas refined with years of experience and in the ability to offer exclusive dosages with premium components. In all our production and commercialization processes we are guided by high quality standards to achieve the best products and the best customer service.

We are passionate about the engine

We are in this business because we are passionate about it. We are big fans of cars, motorcycles, exhibitions and the unique community that unites us. This passion inspires us, makes us innovate and improve our products and our relationship with our customers.